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Dark Fibre

Dark-fibre infrastructure that gives you unrestricted connectivity between core sites, branch sites, or aggregation nodes.

With dark fibre, you can connect one site to another using the most reliable and unimpeded communications technology available today.


Dark fibre lets you connect one site to another using your own transmission equipment. You can use it to construct your own communications network, and in turn put your services within reach of your customers.

Dark Fibre Architecture

Data sheet

Connectivity options Core network and switching centres /
Core site to core site /
Core sites to a DFA aggregation node /
Branch site to branch site
Non-recurring charge Connection fee
Distance-based capex fee
Monthly recurring charge Minimum monthly lease /
Line-of-sight distance × 1.4 routing factor × R/metre
Discount criteria Volume (total leased kilometres)
Lease term
Lease / payment terms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, or 15 years
Fixed monthly lease payment /
Down payment with reduced fixed monthly lease payment
Fibre pairs Single /
Redundancy Optional diverse link at 50% of primary link cost, subject to feasibility
Service level 4-hour mean time to repair
Fault monitoring Main route

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